NYC LARPs, shit gets called out

This guy larped, 1870 uniform, narrating story as "Charles"

Charles: yo so i did the LES Murder Mystery show with then Tenement Museum yesterday and some guy runs up to me in the middle of it and starts yelling at me to get out of the neighborhood
so i stay in character and make a joke about him and the people laugh and hes like “I heard that! I heard you all laughing at me!”

what did you say??

Charles: i dont remeber
i have a line about how people go poo in the street
and i think i said he was one of the biggest pooers
and then he called me and asshole and wouldn’t leave till we moved down the street
and was yelling its 2009 until we left

me: was he just crazy person?

Charles: no he was a hipster

me: really???

Charles: yeah, he was mad cuz “they’re always doing something on this street, shooting movies, its not a stage its where people live.”
but of course he would never say anything to the people shooting the movie, hell just interrupt the live theatre show being run by the Tenement Museum, those horrible people who are ruining the neighborhood…sorry for the rant

me: no its hilarious
its just out of hand
i mean great experience for you i guess

Charles: at the time i thought it was funny, but the more i think about the angrier i get at that guy…
p.s. he lives in my building, i saw him go in after he yelled at us

and you were like…see you later

Charles: no but i wonder if hell recognize me
I was in a full on 1870’s costume

me: but what are you going to do!

Charles: ill be cool, but if he says anything im going to tell him to man up and yell at the huge movie studios that shut down the streets and stop you from waling home instead of events run by the tenement museum whose sole purpose is to enrich the neighborhood and educate the people about how awesome it is
i regret using the word awesome

me: i think we should just dress up in full 1870 gear
and wait outside the door with lead pipes
and then sing an old irish drinking song to him

Charles: and then?

me: thats all

Charles: no hitting with the pipes?

me: well use the pipes as dancing batons

Charles: hahah!
thats a bit!
write it down

me: thats not a bit
talking about bits is a bit
also its already technically “written down”

Charles: i know, but saying its a bit, is too inside of a bit

me: elaborate?

Charles: its an inside joke with comedians
to be like thats a bit
you wouldn’t understand


Wild at Heart

even if you’ve never watched anything i’ve ever posted, this is the one to watch. you can see the magic just pour out of Stevie Nicks getting ready in her dressing room. effortlessly.

papier mache

papers i wrote my first year in grad school

Microhistories and Subalternity: Archiving the Subaltern from Testimony to Fiction

The Cinematic Cartesian Column: Luis Buñuel’s “Simon del Desierto”

Revolutionary Death and the Black Female Experience (Toni Morrison’s Beloved and Sembene Ousmane’s La Noire de… (Black Girl) )

The Golden Cat: The Lolcat Meme and Internet Iconography

Garrison Keillor’s Lake Wobegon: American Mythology and the Psychogeography of the Mid-West

Mediating Art and Activism: Memories of 1968, Creative Practices in 2008

Representations of Exile: Mediating History and Fiction in the Work of Milan Kundera and W.G. Sebald


fuck man, this movie was excellent.

i almost feel like, for once, my words can’t really do this justice. but there’s an amazing scene where Anvil is playing a tour, and the lead singer keeps approaching other musician rock stars being like DUDE! Remember that time…?!?! and they’d all be like, na man I gotta go. but he persists.

“Who could possibly like Cactus?”