Girls and Her

When I first heard of the Girls…I was appalled. And that is putting it lightly. My self-loathing was tangible, palpable oozing so bad I had to work over time and two extra shifts to deny it. It felt like I was looking in a mismatched mirror of my own desperate past, that was now for all to see, objectify, ridicule. It was like self-loathing on super speed. I refused to watch it. One time, out at dinner at a semi-chic (read; not so good and overpriced) then-new restaurant in Bed-Stuy (so Girls) my friend told me that I reminded her of Lena Dunham. Not, her alter ego Hannah, but the real LD herself. I almost died. I had not yet seen Tiny Furniture or Girls, but still, it was like a kick to the lady parts that made me want to flip my gourmet macaroni slider ball covered table and storm out to wait 45 minutes for the G.

Anyways, there was a lot of weird self-loathing slash overall annoyance with the show…before I actually sat down to watch it and TF.  Of course, I LOVED. IT. because obviously how else would that story end.

Not only do I love the show-not my favorite in history but-hilarious and uncomfortable nipple showing half shirts and all, but I deeply admire Lena Dunham. She REPRESENTS. She OWNS her shit. She basically has a mini Bey thing goin on, not as fabulous of course, no one could be, but we can all aspire. Perhaps most importantly, she is a boss. She runs the show, writes it, produces it, and doesn’t give a damn what people think. Especially of how she looks, which by the way makes her a fucking hero to like millions of women. Not saying she is perfect, and I kind of wish she would write Hannah to be more like Lena, but whatever. The point is, I was way wrong.

Now, when I saw the trailer for Her, starring Joaquin Phoenix I literally barfed in my mouth a couple of times over and over again, then once for real on the floor. Then I saw this article in the Atlantic; why it is THE BEST film of the year… Oh congratulations you mega douche. You love your phone. Novel concept really…oh wait, have you ever met ANYONE before?! If only your character was a little bit more like your “character” I’m Still Here, then I think things could get for realsies interesting. Remember how much you hated women in that movie? It’s almost like you could make them disappear! Which is exactly what has happened in Her. Ahhh, sweet relief. A womanless world.

Which brings me to my next point. Another character who made a lady disappear, Stanley Tucci in The Lovely Bones.

Can I get a Hello?!The whole PDA with your PDA (who happens to be Scarlett Johansson, I mean are you kidding me Jonze) joke is like MADE with the movie though, thanks for that at least. But, just like with Girls maybe I should watch it and it won’t make me want to die so much. Except, Girls is all about, well…it’s in the title…girls running their shit. Her, on the other hand, is just that…the objectifying, commodifying, empty, perfect, AI girlfriend any hetero-normative mustachioed tool can ever hope to Google.Congrats to you on that.


“It’s really, really bland here” NPR + the D List

this interview with Kathy Griffin is surprisingly hilarious and refreshing, so much so you’d think it was fresh air!

Morning edition?! Yawn.

I didn’t even get the real guy?!

Watching you like a Shit Hawk

Rumble Blog: EastBound & Down vs. TPB

The first time I saw EastBound and Down I wasn’t impressed, it was the BBQ episode. I thought it was oversaturated…kind of like a Dale Earnhardt jr. trucker hat on ashton kutchers dick face and at the same time I just didn’t really get it. then I went back for more, and really started to like it.
I could pontificate about this change of heart, but i’ll spare you those dumbisms, and just get right to the meat of my point. Which is that Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) from East Bound IS Ricky from the Canadian series Trailer Park Boys.

The only difference is ambition, Danny’s got it for the big league and Ricky doesn’t. Right? Well, they do in a way, just for pot and booze and trouble. America vs. Canada right there, embodied through the national mascots, the baseball drop out and brothers who inevitably end up in the clink.


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Lili and I finally face off in the ultimate gauntlet: facebook graffiti.

Her vision: Frederique Bazille’s “Summer Scene” 1869 (btw, the year for this was so easy to remember in Art History)


My vision: Theodore Gericault’s “Raft of the Medusa” 1819



Check out the serious awesomeness of them on WNYC’s ART.CULT blog, and screen shot/post your own!