Golden Globe Buckets

While obsessively preparing for awards season/enjoying the trappings of winter, I have noticed a few major trends in the major motion pictures. I believe, so far (I am still missing Her, of course, but soon! amongst a few others) that there are three major buckets for big ticket films this year.

1. Road Movie with a Twist; This bucket will contain Inside Llewyn Davis and Nebraska. There are a lot of elegant long highway shots, with an ultimately gratifying finish, making the trip tres worthwhile.

2. Rebirth and Salvation; In this bucket you will find 12 Years a Slave and Gravity. Gravity being a top favorite of yours truly, both (similar to the road movie in a way) our protagonists endure, and finally reach the light at the end of the tunnel.

3. Retro Heist; Of course here we find The Wolf of Wall Street, and…it’s peculiar semi-wannabe cousin (though I love David O. Russel) American Hustle. Wolf was just Scorsese at his finest and strikes a double whammy by hitting the chord of the moment.

Now the real question is; who will win best picture? Votes, predictions? My prediction is; 12 years.

PS: Shout out to the unbucketable Dallas Buyers Club. Huge Fan, and Jared Leto was inspired.


Hey Everybody

So I’m not sure who’s checking this out lately. I admit I have been such a sorry blogger the past few months. What gives? I ask myself. But, I won’t dwell on it. I will say that in the meantime I have been trying to finish my masters degree which requires me to write this masters thesis.

So as a part of that I started this blog. It is totally an experiment, something I just threw together to see if anything bites. Check it out here: Culture Stock.

If you have any stories or pictures, please please please share them. not only will my profs totes love me, but more importantly I think it will be really interesting. If you don’t have any stories to share maybe you have some design advice, or maybe you think I could change some things around so they make more sense, or ideas for what I could add.

Whatever you want it to be, it is.

has it

really been that long?

the post i have been thinking about was writing about watching the new york city marathon, which i guess i ultimately decided was not, in the end, worth it.

maybe this will get the ball rolling.

Lady Gregg Gregg

The games of love are a well documented phenomenon, but so rarely have we seen the blatant usage in songs, songs about love games have indeed become our generational anthem. The fare of broken hearts, tormented souls is no longer relegated to the upstairs bathroom in my parents house before junior prom. ah no, sea monsters and pop stars alike resound with a universal plea, which begs, if you can’t love us, then just please stop playing your love games, or get in the game, get your love stick disco shtick in the love, the game of love. Alternative post title; From Gaga to Gregg: Cultural Dissection between Sea Culture and Pop Culture.

You be the Judge:

Gaga goes:
Lets play a love game, play a love game
Do you want love or you want fame?
Are you in the game? Doin’ the love game

Lets play a love game, play a love game
Do you want love or you want fame?
Are you in the game? Doin’ the love game

let’s play a love game
play a love game
do you want love
or you want fame
are you in the game

Gregg goes:
Do you love me? Are you playing your love games with me?
I just wanna know what to do ’cause I need your love a lot

Moving too fast, this isn’t a race ooh
Baby back off and lower the pace now
Slow it down, and give me some space, mmmh
Moving too fast, this isn’t a race. ah ah

Do you love me? Are you playing your love games with me?
I just wanna know what to do ’cause I need your love a lot

papier mache

papers i wrote my first year in grad school

Microhistories and Subalternity: Archiving the Subaltern from Testimony to Fiction

The Cinematic Cartesian Column: Luis Buñuel’s “Simon del Desierto”

Revolutionary Death and the Black Female Experience (Toni Morrison’s Beloved and Sembene Ousmane’s La Noire de… (Black Girl) )

The Golden Cat: The Lolcat Meme and Internet Iconography

Garrison Keillor’s Lake Wobegon: American Mythology and the Psychogeography of the Mid-West

Mediating Art and Activism: Memories of 1968, Creative Practices in 2008

Representations of Exile: Mediating History and Fiction in the Work of Milan Kundera and W.G. Sebald