papier mache

papers i wrote my first year in grad school

Microhistories and Subalternity: Archiving the Subaltern from Testimony to Fiction

The Cinematic Cartesian Column: Luis Buñuel’s “Simon del Desierto”

Revolutionary Death and the Black Female Experience (Toni Morrison’s Beloved and Sembene Ousmane’s La Noire de… (Black Girl) )

The Golden Cat: The Lolcat Meme and Internet Iconography

Garrison Keillor’s Lake Wobegon: American Mythology and the Psychogeography of the Mid-West

Mediating Art and Activism: Memories of 1968, Creative Practices in 2008

Representations of Exile: Mediating History and Fiction in the Work of Milan Kundera and W.G. Sebald


fuck man, this movie was excellent.

i almost feel like, for once, my words can’t really do this justice. but there’s an amazing scene where Anvil is playing a tour, and the lead singer keeps approaching other musician rock stars being like DUDE! Remember that time…?!?! and they’d all be like, na man I gotta go. but he persists.

“Who could possibly like Cactus?”