I went to Fashion weak and heres what happened a little bit

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these images are from the Diane von Furstenberg and the Akiko Ogawa shows on sunday.


you broke my grill?! (first and last time in chelsea.)

on why i hate art.
beware diaristic style below.

after leaving work, and then film forum where i saw skyscraper souls (WHICH RULED) i walked past the horrific gates to hell, the comme des garcon storefront covered in graffiti, went to gallery show opening at “honeyspace” in chelsea (first and last time) it sucked, there were literally models taking pictures next to the pictures that they were in. there was also “a really great party” upstairs which im sure had i gone, which lets face it, if i had more friends i would have, would have probably most definitely sucked.
what sucked more is having gone to the space before the show today (went friday on a whim), meeting the curator and the artist, and literally hanging out, to going back tonight, one clad in a tux, ignoring each other and leaving.
the thing is i hate admitting any sort of new york cliches, the disenchantment, because i think for soooome reason people have imagined me as someone relatively playful for a long time, and a big bad new york could suck the life out of me, which it very well might.

i ch-ch-choose

I was filling out this information sheet online just now and, shazzam! I had an option! This is the first time I have ever seen a choice beyond just male or female (and through NYU of all places) Correct me if I’m wrong but I feel like it’s pretty rare to even have the option to not select, and this is still complicated but it’s something.

so i was like Dean, my goodfella, come take a look at this! and he was all like..


girnal dictation

me: ive got to write in my girnal

Talbot: oh okay I see

me: kewl!

Talbot: Dear Diary, I totes snubbed talbz 4 u ! Plz dont tell him about how we hatez him plz, I luvz u diary <3MGJR

me: hahaha no im writing about m mom dated a guy once ill type it for you

Talbot: Also, there is a drawing of a kitten eating my heart on that page

me: my mom told me once she dated a guy named “gross steve” or something and he could burp her name across the lake and i was all like ‘mom!’ and she was all like ‘what, he was cute.’ end girnal dictation

Talbot: whoa that rulz

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