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thanks to Everybody for being Awesome

if anyone has pictures please add them!

screw the hors d’oeuvres , your dinner is ready.



saying goodbye to apple, Orchard street


fuckin buzz the fish
fuckin buzz the fish

Kirtley is moving to sunset park due to the CREDIT CRUNCH ECONOMIC CLIMATE AHHhhhhhhHHHHHHH FREAK OUT from her little baby studio on orchard street.


a few highlights of this brief but beautiful apartment has been:

-Jerry from the Vintage shop below: just when you think that a grown man couldn’t pull off clown red bologna curls and a sleeveless burberry shirt, biker style shit, close the store, put on the Jackson5 and stoop it up with hidden 40s- think again.

-Crops 4 Girls- the worst name for a hair salon ever, given the more punnish names like crops and bobbers down the street.  well equipped with a outdoor strobe light, 6 signs altogether, and afterhours bitterness.

-signs about depositing “tempex” in the toilet, thanks to kirtley. subsequently tossing TP into trash due to constant clogging.

-rosarios pizza, spinach and ricotta & ham sandwiches, tomatoes, mustard, beer aplenty.

-annoying the neighbors with the daily fleetwood mac at home performances.

-getting asked if I have “herb” because “i look like im having a good time”

-the mysterious club downstairs with nightly shows of unknown nature, also no windows…”also, a lot of annoying people, omitting and throwing trash everywhere, the other night there was free style rapping, right under my window, for an hour, and all these girls going awwwww shit and the guys going badada badadum”-kirtley.

enjoy these pics for now, walking the bloc audio to come.



model in different wigs
model in different wigs