You could be a farmer in those clothes…

I like this article because it seems more like a drunken rant from a champagne sloshing woman in a sequin blazer than an article in the fashion and style section of the times (although, the difference is rather slight). If you want my op-ed-inion on this, it oscillates wiiildly from criticizing everyone from pop stars to foreign leaders, throwing in a few new years eve glummities for old timessake. Ravaging first Brad Pitt and Madonna, then moving on, backwards in time to sink it’s teeth into the hemline of Hillary Clinton’s (sisterhood of the traveling) pantsuits… then back to Brad Pitt and the “trustafarians” of Williamsburg–terminology which makes me want to move as fast as possible  in any direction that doesn’t involve the word “east”.

I just like that it kind of throws it’s black and white and read all over hands up in the air and is like whatever, this year f-ing sucked, i hate celebrity bullshit, i smoke cigarettes, im going to throw in some environmental whatchyamacallitism and mash it all around and smear it down this page, and you’re going to read and you’re going to love it.



Lili and I finally face off in the ultimate gauntlet: facebook graffiti.

Her vision: Frederique Bazille’s “Summer Scene” 1869 (btw, the year for this was so easy to remember in Art History)


My vision: Theodore Gericault’s “Raft of the Medusa” 1819



Check out the serious awesomeness of them on WNYC’s ART.CULT blog, and screen shot/post your own!

Is Benjamin Button the New (Old) Jack?

“Good-morning,” Mr. Button said nervously, to the clerk in the
Chesapeake Dry Goods Company. “I want to buy some clothes for my

“How old is your child, sir?”

“About six hours,” answered Mr. Button, without due consideration.

“Babies’ supply department in the rear.”

“Why, I don’t think–I’m not sure that’s what I want. It’s–he’s an
unusually large-size child. Exceptionally–ah large.”

“They have the largest child’s sizes.”


Now, substitute Robin for Brad and F Scott Fitzgerald for Francis Ford Coppola, mix it up, fwd and resend. Although Capn. Button has received good reviews , I can’t help but think of Robert Downey Jr.’s controversial lecture to Ben Stiller in Myopic Blunder on going “full retard”, and maybe in terms of blockbusters which boldly confront mortality a la some sort of dude aging crisis, the “fullness” of one’s character depends on the direction or reverse direction of the age/body in which they are growing/shrinking.

brad pitt robin michelle williams baby child movie geriatric experience opens on  (surprise) Dec. 25th.