I love it more than the one in may!

So i have my equipment ready for the day ahead.

1. coffee (but many more to come)

2. whiskey flask prepared (hands still smell)

2.5- candy plate made out with a drawn on dracula face on the bottom, bloody fangs n all, to leave on the stairs. “SHARE!!!!!dicks.”

3. costume idea- will wear half out today.

this I like to call- “My Morning Mask”

But I’m so curious to know what people are going as!!!!

UPDATE 11/1: I went as big bird. I think someone thought I was “that girl from The Other Sister”.  Highlights included a woman’s dog dressed as Obama, a sexy starbucks employee who told me she tried to step behind the counter to work but was refused, smoking cantaloupe hookah (don’t know), and the best pick-up line ever to Kirtley by some dude with a weird name who supposedly had always wanted to “get a boat and just sail, sail around the world…you could be my first mate on the boat…as in the first person I fuck”.


Whatever Forever

The Guggenheim’s new show “Anyspacewhatever”show opens tomorry the 24th.  Art Newspaper claims that the shows title is based on Deleuzian cinema speak “any space whatever” but I think that it really just comes down to the cool factor.

Por Ejemplo: Case study 1. Sifl & Olly

Case Study 2. Garrison Keillorin his podcast from October 14th talks about mid-life crises and how one may be apt to buy “skinny jeans and an oversized t-shirt that says WHATEVER on it”

Is this the Guggenheims version of Garrison Keillor’s version of a mid-life crisis?

What I am looking forward to24 Hour Psycho Back and Forth and To and Fro Gordon’s new iteration of the work 24 Hour Psycho (1993) slows down the 1960 Hitchcock thriller to a full-day cycle on a split screen installation, running the film both forward and in reverse.”

What I am not looking forward toweird (and rentable!) hotel room that spins. “Revolving Hotel Room” to you I say- Ikreepa. Annnd, so ok it spins and people rent it at night then we get to watch it in the day time. whooooo. it’s like, wow experience the art as design AS we interact with it as participants and voyeurs. can it get any more Norwegian?

Artpocalypse: Daniel Richter at Cooper Union

sometimes yes “In the nearly life-size images here, rearing Delacroixesque horses do battle with one another or with packs of dogs; irradiated figures mass into mobs that may or may not be friendly; and a scantily clad circus performer in top hat and boots wends her way through a field of milling Rottweilers.”

Roberta Smith NYT.

Free and Open to the public; Daniel Richter at Cooper Union, tues.10.21.7:30P.

I'm looking for enthusiastic goers, I'll be there recording.

Made up magic world (ft.cotton candy)

You, my friend, look like the guy that mothers pull their children away from before crossing to the opposite side of the street.

You look like the guy who is made of rubber and moth balls.

You look like the guy who stalks you into a corner, waving his arms with clenched fists while saying “it’s your own fault if you get in my way”.

You look like the guy who bumps into you and knocks your ice cream cone on the ground, as he doesn’t apologize because he’s on his cellular headset.

but most of all, you look like a hawk-mole, at once the hunter and the hunted.