Open-source video software MIRO reports on the abuse of power meets lack of coverage at the Republican National Convention. Not only was the convention entirely embarrassing and, in my mind, the speeches reflected little more than McCains feeble sanity, and fulfilled the stereotypes of gung-ho conservatism…what were all those crocodile/swamp/moose fighting metaphors? Who was that 14 year old girl talking about her African mission??


“The Democracy Now! producers, Sharif Abdel Kouddous and Nicole Salazar, were violently arrested before Amy arrived. The first video is from Nicole Salazar’s camera; she screams “I’m press. Press. Press!” as she and her camera are thrown to the ground. Her nose was bloodied when she was simultaneously stepped on and dragged in a parking lot. The second video clearly shows Goodman’s arrest as she rushes to the scene and peacefully asks to speak with a commanding officer.”


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