Man+Dogs=3 feet away

This guy comes and lets his dogs play right outside of my window on the regular. Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs! (no,really) but I don’t love men standing two feet away from my window, which has a flimsy shade,two feet away from my bed. you do the math!

So- to solve the problem, I put a huge poster of Leningrad in the window to block his creepiness.

the aural presence will be a little harder to ward off. 


voca me; taciturn blog

nothing says end of an era like being late for a wake.

don’t tell mom the artist’s dead

Also: Can we just talk about Tom Hulce in Animal House for a second?

From Animal House (1978)
[Handed his first joint]
Pinto: I won’t go schizo, will I?
Jennings: It’s a distinct possibility.


the best nomad

welcome to my house.

but the best thing about living in space and motion and never coming home is getting back to it, laying in bed, listening to french hip hop; that beat keeps on going. wearing genie pants, half-shirts and slippers, looking at the growing laundry pile on the floor, and thinking about getting groceries before i get too hungry to actually go grocery shopping.

i am moving soon.

trying to keep clickin my heels. trying to manage my energy.